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WPT Event - World Poker Open

World Poker Open

The World Poker Open, is one of the premier tournaments in the world. It is also one of the largest (so large it took two casinos to accommodate the more than 160 players who put up $10,000 a piece to enter).

Vying for his share of the $1.6 million prize pool, European pro Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott, started the action with a huge chip lead and a huge advantage at the Final Table. However, from the back of the pack, a young man from Texas named Jeremy "The Kid" Tinsley, at only 25 years of age, was a thorn in Ulliott's side.

In the first three hands The Kid played against Devilfish twice, winning both hands and taking $140,000 from the chip leader. This haul propelled The Kid to second chip position, ahead of Phil Ivey, who was playing in his second World Poker Tour final table.

The Kid's threat to Devilfish's crown was short lived, amateur Johnny Donaldson tripped up the kid, by doubling up on a lucky flop. In another few hands, the now short stacked, Jeremy was forced to go all in with an 8 9 off suit and was called by crowd favorite, Buddy Williams with an A Q off suit saw an A K 6 flop. When another ace came up, the Kid had had it, and took home $69,000 in winnings for his 5th place finish.

Down to four players, Williams with a K Q went all in. Devilfish, with a K 7 called. The Flop was A 9 7 with a 4 and 6 on the turn and river, Williams was knocked out on a bad beat and left the table in 4th place, taking home $91,620.

The Devilfish's luck held and before long he had ousted Johnny Donaldson as well, besting the amateur's A 3 with a Q 8 when the flop gave him a pair of ladies that held on through the river. Donaldson finished 3rd with $145,065 in prize money.

While it's true that in No Limit Hold 'Em chip leads can change in the bat of an eye, in this game, the Devilfish never relinquished his chip lead and walked away with the crown. The Devilfish outlasted Ivey (2nd place, $387,990) and took home the title, almost $589,990 and a $25,000 seat in the WPT Championship Event.

- Thomas Hardy