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WPT Event - World Poker Challenge

World Poker Challenge

Edwards had started the day in third chip position and made several nice reads about when to fold early in the tournament. But unfortunately, when he was dealt a pair of Q's he went all in, only to be called by Magriel, who's K was paired on the flop and stood up through the river.

Some days, even when you play well, the cards are against you. Edwards walked away in 5th place with just over $23,000. A few hands later, with a pair of 4's, Magriel went all in again, but was called by Rose, with an A Q which both eventually paired up. Magriel, who had started the day so far in the lead, was now out in 4th place, with $29,452 in winnings.

Now three handed, all players were dealt playable hands in one pot. Cal Dykes, with an A 10 was the first to act and raised the bet to $50,000. Le, with a K Q called. Then Rose, with a pair of J's, went all in. Dykes folded, but Le decided to gamble and called. The flop came 9 Q A, and Le was now in the lead. The turn was a 10. The river came an 8 to complete Rose's straight. Le finished in 3rd place and got $50,000.

Dykes started the day in second chip position, and was still in that position, though against a different leader: Rose. The amazing thing about Dykes' day is that to this point no one had seen a single one of his hands! All day, every time he made a big bet (usually all in) everyone else folded.

Maybe Dykes was counting on that trend when, with a 5 4 and a J 4 2 flop he went all in again. But this time he was called by Rose’s K Q. The turn and river were a Q 3, and Ron Rose, first out at the Foxwoods final table, was crowned World Poker Challenge champion.

Dykes ended where he started, in second place, but with $96,772 in his pocket. Rose, in addition to the title and the coveted $25,000 seat at the upcoming WPT Championship Event at Bellagio, walked away with $168,298 in first place prize money.

- Thomas Hardy