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Roshambo at Ultimate Bet

Roshambo - Rock, Paper, Scissors
Ultimate Bet now offers Player vs Player Roshambo games online

Ultimate Bet is expanding their games offering again. Elimination Blackjack was a new twist on an old classic that added some extra excitement to the game. Roshambo online now offers a way to play the game without anyone holding back for a split second, trying to get that unfair edge on their opponent. A fair way to play Rock, Paper, Scissors is finally here! That's a definite improvement on an old classic.

In case you've never heard the term, Roshambo ('Reaux Sham Beaux')is the exotic name for the classic childhood game of rock, paper scissors.

The rules are simple, players choose one of three elements. A rock, a piece of paper, or a pair of scissors. When paired, each element can beat one opponent, but will lose to the other. For instance, Rock beats Scissors, but Rock loses to paper.

This game may sound as though it is simply another random events game, like calling heads or tails on a coin flip. But, because some players may engage in patterned behavior, insights into your opponent's probable choices can be made. This, brings this odds random game to a new level.

In fact, the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors has moved into the realm of competitive sport. There are governing bodies, like the "United States of America Rock Paper Scissors League". And, since 2002, the "World Rock Paper Scissors Society" has been presiding over a World Championship event for the sport.

Interesting as Roshabo is, how in the world does it make its way into the game offering from an online poker room? Well, every year at the World Series of Poker, Phil Gordon puts together the World Series of Roshambo. In 2006, none other than Annie Duke outlasted 64 players on her way to first place. And, first place paid $10,000.

That sounds like the Roshambo/Poker connection to me.

If you've already been at Ultimate Bet to play, and have been coming up short, you might want to check out this guide to beating your opponents in rock, paper, scissors for some tips on winning.

This page was last updated on April 25th, 2007.