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About The Unknown Poker Webmaster


Anonymity is the Spiritual Foundation

I don't go into a lot of detail about my identity here, although I do maintain a reasonably public presence on the internet. If you're interested in my identity, and you're at all web savvy, it's easily discovered. I will go into some biographical details here though, most of which are going to bore you silly. In fact, I recommend you run quickly from this page and go read about online poker rooms right away. Do it. Seriously.

I'm a thirty-something professional living in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. I grew interested in online poker after I started doing some independent website work in the gambling niche, and I started off playing 7 card stud SnG's at Party Poker. I was eventually forced to learn how to play holdem because of peer pressure from some other webmasters who had a weekly game that I attended.

I have a wife and kids and a degree in Literature. I play fantasy roleplaying games like Runequest, Heroquest, and Mutants and Masterminds. I read comic books when I can, and watch movies all the time. (I particularly like independent films and westerns.) I've had all kinds of jobs over the last 15 years, but none of them have been as fun as being a webmaster, even though my skills in this area are virtually nonexistent but are at least growing.

Why Unknown Poker?

I've watched poker portal after poker portal spring up and review the same eight or nine poker rooms ad nauseam, and it occurred to me that there are poker rooms online which are worth playing at but don't have full reviews. And I'm also a big fan of the Unknown Comic, and so the inspiration for the Unknown Poker site. I hope to continue to write interesting and authentic first-person accounts of my experiences with some of these online poker sites, and I hope the public finds them entertaining enough to spend some time reading them.

Good luck at the tables!

This page was last updated on January 5, 2006.