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Hall of Fame

Like many communities involved in a competitive endeavor, the poker world has a list of the "best of the best" that they refer to as the "Poker Hall of Fame". The following players have places in the hall.

Doyle Brunson - the living legend, the godfather of poker, author of Supersystem (which makes him the man that wrote the book on poker), and holder of 10 WSOP bracelets.

Puggy Pearson - A true poker character. The man credited with devising the "freezeout" format, which is the basis for all poker tournaments today.

Benny Binion - a legend in the poker circles, and the man responsible for setting up both the Johnny Moss/Nick Dandelo match and the World Series of Poker that was held at his casino, the Horseshoe for many years.

Roger Moore - No, not James Bond, the poker Roger Moore. An unsung poker legend, and member of the Poker Hall of Fame.

Bobby Baldwin - yes, the guy who took down a $1.8 million pot from Brian Townsend. Also a Hall of Famer, with a list of impressive poker and business accomplishments.

Wild Bill Hickock - Yes, the legendary gunslinger from the Old West. He's also the man for who held the original "Dead Man's Hand".

Johnny Chan - you might remember him from Rounders with Matt Damon. He may not have been the star of the movie, but he's a star poker player, and Hall of Famer.

Lyle Berman - successful businessman, WSOP bracelet winner, and one-time chairman and CEO of the Rainforest Café chain.

Chip Reese - a poker legend, WSOP bracelet holder, ivy league graduate, and sharp dresser.

Fred Ferris - one of the "old school" poker players who laid the groundwork for what has become today's game. Fred won a WSOP bracelet in Deuce to Seven Triple Draw in 1980.

T.J. Cloutier - former professional athlete who turned professional poker player.

Stu Ungar - arguably the greatest Gin Rummy player that ever walked the earth. He also won Three WSOP Championships.

Billy Baxter - the man who convinced the government that poker "winnings" are actually poker "earnings".

Nick "The Greek" Dandelos - a man who went from broke to wealthy and back again too many times to count. He also uttered those famous words, “Mr Moss, I have to let you go.”

"Gentleman" Jack Keller - World Series bracelet winner, and respected opponent.

Jack "Treetops" Straus - the man behind the legend of "The Chip and The Chair".

Little Man Popwell - a pool shark turned poker pro, and member of the Poker Hall of Fame.

Johnny Moss - the first WSOP Champion, and the man that prompted Nick the Greek to utter that famous line.

Crandell Addington - sat down at more WSOP final tables than you can shake a stick at.

Women in Poker Hall of Fame

The first four ladies inducted to the WiPHOF include:
  • Linda Johnson who is the former publisher of CardPlayer, and a WSOP bracalet holder.
  • Susie Isaacs who has a pair of WSOP bracelets to her credit.
  • Marsha Waggoner who is also known as the Grand Dame of Poker.
  • Barbara Enright

Cole South - uber-aggro, super successful online poker pro.

Freddie Deeb - seasoned veteren of the live poker scene.

Hoyt Corkins - the Cowboy at the table who has no fear of shoving all of his chips into the pot.

Dave Ulliott - the "Devilfish" himself. Quite the legendary poker character who has finaly found a home by the felt.

Brian Townsend - online poker supertar, and instructor at Watch out for him at FullTilt.

J. C. Tran - live poker pro with a growing list of titles to his name.

Jerry Yang - poker ambassador, and winner of the Main Event form the World Series of Poker 2007.

Peter Eastgate - the youngest winner of the Main Event, in 2008.

Phil Gaffond - known as OMGClayAiken online, he has been tearing up the high stakes games online and putting together a string of wins in the live tournament scene.

Ted Forrest - a player with no fear, winning at the WSOP and the high stakes cash gmaes for years.

Tom Dwan one of the young internet superstars, he has the cohones and the skills to tear up the high stakes tables.

Taylor Caby - alis "GreenPlastic", and the man behind

Joseph (Joe) Hachem - Read about the 2005 WSOP champion and his rise to stardom in the land down under.

Greg "Fossilman" Raymer - 2004 WSOP Champion - All about Greg "Fossilman" Raymer has his education as a poker player, and how he went from an online Pokerstars player to eventually become the world poker champion.

Chris Moneymaker - 2003 WSOP Champion - All about Chris Moneymaker and how he changed the world of poker forever by being the first online poker player to win the World Series of Poker.

Phil Hellmuth - The Poker Brat - All about Phil Hellmuth, one the top poker players in the world, and also one of the only 40 year old men I know of who is still called a "brat".

Daniel Negreanu - Kid Poker - All about Daniel Negreanu, his career as both a pool shark and a card shark, and his tournament wins and career highlights.

Howard Lederer - The Poker Professor - Find out why Howard Lederer became known as "The Professor". Read about his relationship with sister Annie Duke, and his $10,000 bet to eat a burger. (He's a vegetarian.)

Allen Cunningham - picked up his Fifth Bracelet at the 2007 WSOP.

Phil Ivey - feared cash game player, memeber of Full Tilt's team of pros, successful tournament player. This young man has a list of accomplishments beyond his years.

Chris Jesus Ferguson - the man in black, wearing the sunglasses and the cowboy hat at the poker table. One of the recognizable poker players, who also happens to be a WSOP champion, and incredibly sharp with his card throwing skills.

Clonie Gowen - beauty queen, turned poker shark. This lovely lady does her online playing at Full Tilt.

John Juanda - sharp cookie. Used to sell bibles door-to-door.

Jennifer Harman - cute as a button, I think she used to date Todd Brunson, Doyle's son. She's now married to Marco Traniello, and spends some of her time riasing awareness for organ donation. She's a transplant recipient herself.

Phil Gordon - took the Win at The Full Tilt Poker.Net Championship at Red Rock Resort Casino in Las Vegas.

Erick Lindgren - ex-high school jock, current poker pro.

Erik Seidel - great poker player. Perhaps he's famous for being at the wrong end of a play against Johnny Chan that was immortalized in the movie "Rounders".

Andy Bloch - runs the (Unofficial) World Poker Tour Fan Site, has a law degree, used to be part of the M.I.T. Blackjack team. Watch out for him.

Mike Matusow - talks a lot. Can be a bit abrasive. Wins a lot at the poker tables.

Gus Hansen - The "Great Dane" won AU$1.5 Million by taking first at the Aussie Millions Championship.

Andy Black - quite a unique, and successful poker player. He will most probably be the highest earning Irish, Buddhist poker pro for quite some time to come.

Aaron Bartley - part of the team of full tilt pros.

Farzad Bonyadi - from Tehran, Iran. Played in high stakes games in the LA scene.

Alan Boston - digs college hoops, plays a mean game of poker.

Steve Brecher - ex-computer software guy turned poker player.

Richard Brodie - played kitchen-table poker with Bill Gates.

John Cernuto - air traffic controller turned professional poker player. John is a bit of an Omaha specialist.

Lynette Chan - one of the ladies that are part of Team Full Tilt.

David Chiu - a limit holdem specialist, and winner of four WSOP bracelets.

John D'Agostino - young fellow from Seymour, Connecticut. Already over $500k in tournament winnings.

Roland de Wolfe - a proven player on the European circuit.

Eric Froehlich - weaned on internet poker, Eric has made a spalsh in the live poker scene as well.

Perry Friedman - won a chip castle building contest, a World Roshambo Championship, and a World Series of Poker bracelet.

Rafe Furst - the 20 minute man, busting out of the WSOP in 2003 before any else in the field.

Kristy Gazes - is addicted to sunglasses.

David Grey - must be a laid back guy, says he plays poker "when he feels like it".

Karina Jett - married to Chip Jett, and quite the poker player in her own right.

Chip Jett - husband of Karina Jett, and respected poker player.

Berry Johnston - an old veteran of the poker world, who hasn't quite become a household name despite his impressive record.

Joanne Liu - is taking the game of poker to Chinese speaking parts of the globe.

Alfredo "Toto" Leonidas - hails from the Philippines, won a WSOP bracelet in 2003.

Jeff Madsen - film student gone wild. His showings in the WSOP are impressive, but he has more loves in his life than just poker.

Greg Mascio - sports writer turned, errr, are poker players athletes?

Robert Mizrachi - you've probably heard of his brother, Michael. Even without the spotlight and the cover of CardPlayer magazine, Robert has acquired over $1.5 million in tournament earnings.

Carlos Mortensen - The "Matador" was the winner of the 2007 WPT Five Star World Poker Classic.

Greg Mueller - traded in hockey sticks for a stack of chips. He feels as though poker allows him to keep competing with the vigor that a hockey player is accustomed to.

David Oppenheim - high-limit cash game player.

Stuart Paterson - how can you not love a fellow nicknamed "The Donator"?

Max Pescatori - he is NOT French, dammit! Max is known as the Italian Pirate, and proudly displays the colors of his home country after having been mistaken for being a Frenchman one too many times for his liking.

Ben Roberts - born in Persia, predominately a cash game player.

Huck Seed - won the WSOP Main Event.

Keith Sexton - played as a youngster, plays now as a pro.

David Singer - been playing poker for a living since 1996.

Gavin Smith - another poker player with over $1 million in winnings.

David Singer - been playing poker for a living since 1996.

Marco Traniello - the man who married the lovely Jennifer Harmon. He was able to learn poker from some of the best players in the game, and has taken "an interest" in the game and moved into the realm of the pros.

Mark Vos - the man behind the moniker "pokerbok".

Lee Watkinson - a quiet man with great talents. He has a WSOP bracelet to his credit, and the respect of his peers as well.

Paul Wolfe - like to play online. This young man is starting his journey on the way to poker greatness, having cashed in well over a dozen events.

Steve Zolotow - nicknamed the Bald Eagle, has a BS in Statistics, an MBA in Finance, and two WSOP bracelets.

Shannon Elizabeth - from American Pie to the poker tables, this lady has quite the stretch of talents.

Layne Flack - has five World Series of Poker bracelets.

Barry Greenstein - the man who gives away all of his tournament winnings to charity. This stone-faced poker guru is also a feared opponent on the high stakes cash game circuit.

Brian Koppelman - the man behind Rounders, the film that helped start the poker explosion.

Jim McManus - noted poker author.

Ali Nejad - what can I say about the Poker After Dark and potenital MTV personality?

Annie Duke - The Poker Duchess - Learn more about Annie Duke, poker's hottest single mom and a multi WSOP bracelet winner.

Phil Hellmuth - The Poker Brat - All about Phil Hellmuth, one the top poker players in the world, and also one of the only 40 year old men I know of who is still called a "brat".

Minneapolis Jim Meehan - one of the characters of the poker world, Jim has been known to offset a table with his banter. He also has a WSOP bracelet in his jewelry box.

Men the Master Nguyen - born in South Vietnam, Men made his way half way across the globe before finding the game of poker, and turning himself into one of the top players of the game.

Erica Schoenberg - did stints as a personal trainer, a kickboxer, and has found a home at the poker tables.

Gabe Kaplan - Poker Player, Comedian, Financial Wizard - All about Gabe Kaplan's amazingly varied career from the 1970's until now, including details of his poker career highlights.

Evelyn Ng Profile and Biography - All about one of the most beautiful women playing poker today, Evelyn Ng.

The Hendon Mob

Barny Boatman - one part of the Hendon Mob, professional poker player and part time sky diver.

Ram Vaswani - member of the Hendon Mob, and Team Full Tilt. He's also the man on the short end of Brian Townsend's $400,000 winning heads up session.

Joe Beevers - Hendon Mobster, winner of several major poker titles, and Full Tilt player.

Ross Boatman - film and television actor, and WSOP finals player. He's part of the Hendon Mob, and associated with Full Tilt.

Poker Babes and Poker Hotties - A potpourri of hot women who play poker. Written more or less tongue-in-cheek; I'd just as soon not face any of these women at the poker table, because they're all excellent.

This page was last updated on May 9th, 2006.