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There are other great sites about poker and other subjects on the web, and one of the most important things I think you can do online is support those other sites. So please be sure to have a look at some of these quality websites.


  • The webmaster behind the popular Poker Babes site is branching out with a new project - Poker Vibe. She's cataloging a lot of poker info there, and it comes from a solid source.
  • Strategy Poker is a new site from the man who was the orignal "Unknown Poker Player" and manned the typewriter at this site. He is now penning articles at his new site, and I certainly wish him the best! If you haven't heard of Strategy before, go visit the site!
  • Poker Chips Blog - written by a friend of mine. You've read more of his thoughts on poker than you'd realize, trust me. And, this is his blog that he has recently come back to after a bit of a hiatus.

    I'm not sure exactly how often he'll be posting, but if he gets back into the swing of things I'll be happy ;)

  • A high quality and original guide about online poker strategy. It's at, and with a name like this, how could you not like this site?
  • Online Poker Strategy - This is one of the most informative and easiest to use sites with information about how to play poker I've found on the internet. You should definitely check this one out. It's a great site for strategy articles, poker rules, and any other kind of online poker information.
  • Poker Babes - Shirley Rosario's site includes an extensive database of originally-written poker players profiles, her poker journal, and strategy and how-to information for poker players. She also writes reports from different tournaments she's played in, and her guide to online poker rooms is concise and extensive.
  • Golden Rule of Poker - A good guide to online poker rooms and online playing. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Online Poker Rules - A concise, readable, and clear guide to the rules of different poker games.
  • Online Poker Center - Usually when a site has a really slick, beautiful design, it's sadly devoid of any real content or substance. Online Poker Center defies this stereotype with a solid content website with tons of useful information presented in a readable and elegantly simple website design.
  • Online Poker Strategy & Tips - An elegantly simple poker site packed with solid content. The site features holdem strategies and tips, a poker discussion forum, and tournament tips.
  • Any Stakes Poker is a new guide to poker rooms with an interesting article about how to decide what stakes to play at. Bankroll considerations are important when playing online poker, and this particular webmaster seems to understand and address that issue.
  • Poker Tomorrow - is a site that I'll be keeping an eye on. I know the webmaster, and after a while spent in the corporate world, I get the impression he's back into the game, and his new website, with a vengeance. I expect great things to come from this site!
  • Poker Strategy - Wes has written an excellent guide to rules and strategies for almost every poker game played online. He also has some information on sportsbooks, casinos, and vacations.
  • Macintosh Compatible Poker - Advice for players who want to play poker on a Macintosh computer. Also includes extensive online poker site reviews.
  • Pagat Card Games - This is THE definitive site for card games. Whether your like poker, spades, hearts, or something more obscure still, Pagat has the rules and descriptions of more card games than just about any other site online.
  • Online Poker Strategy - provides free strategies for playing poker online. They also offer friendly and helpful poker forums and rakeback programs.
  • Online Poker Rooms - This is a great site. They write critical reviews of online poker rooms that are terse and to the point. (It says that on their homepage, but it's true, so I'm reprinting it here.) They also have a forum and articles about different facets of poker.
  • Top Online Poker Sites at - This site offers ratings and reviews of online poker sites, as well as rules and strategies for card games. You can also read about home poker games in their articles section.
  • Bullet Bob's Pokersyte - Whether you play Omaha, Texas Holdem, Stud or something else, Bullet's got the rules and the strategies here on his site for you to review. Clean and easy to read, well thought out and informative.
  • Online Poker Reviews is another great site full of reviews of online poker rooms from a real poker player. The reviews are sincere, honest, original, and most importantly, unique--not just rehashes of the cardroom features.
  • Poker Forums is a great resource for poker babes, daily poker news, and poker discussion from players of all levels of play.
  • Poker Portal - Interesting collection of poker links here--nothing more, and nothing less. It's one of the more complete listings of poker resources I've seen online, although sometimes there might be a broken link here or there. (My guess is that managing that many links could be a headache.)
  • Turning Trips is a new poker guide. He only reviews six or seven online poker rooms here, but his reviews are original and sincere, which are two unusual qualities to find in a poker review site these days. I particularly enjoyed his commentary on True Poker.
  • Poker Listings - They bill themselves as the "world's best poker deals". I would agree that they have some great deals in terms of bonuses, and also in terms of information. It's an excellent online poker guide site.
  • Here's a guide to setting up your own home poker tournament. Gives detailed information about what equipment you'll need. Really good resource for home poker players.
  • And here's a quick guide to breaking ties in poker games. Where was this guide when I needed it?
  • If you like playing traditional face to face poker in an actual cardroom, and you live here in the good old USA, or heck, even if you're planning just a visit, you might want to check out this guide to American poker.
  • Poker Check Raise is a strategy site that includes topics for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. They also have a direcotry that lists many of the brick and mortar rooms broken down by state.
  • Beat the Fish is a new poker guide with online poker room reviews. The site features poker strategy and tips, and also bonus codes and reviews. It's a new site, but the content is strong.
  • Poker School Online - This is full of articles and lessons written by some of my favorite poker players, including John Vorhaus and Daniel Negreanu. This site is also operated by Poker Pages, which is one of the most comprehensive poker sites out there.
  • Serious Poker is Dan Kimberg's excellent site, which lists other excellent sites and is full of good poker stuff.
  • No list of good poker sites would be complete without mentioning Poker Top 10.
  • Home Run Poker is a nice little poker blog with some poker tips and poker news. Interesting reading and a friendly author.
  • PokerXplorer Online Poker Guide offers strategies, tips, rules, and online poker room reviews.
  • The Women's Poker Club is an interesting site, featuring articles about poker, books about poker, and reviews of poker rooms.
  • Kerry Knoll's Ace up my Sleeve is another great resource, especially if you're looking for a Texas Holdem tutorial.
  • If you're interested in learning how to do poker chip tricks in order to dazzle and intimidate your opponents at the table, then Chiptrix is a great site to check out for instructions.
  • These tips for winning at poker are good stuff, and if you like other kinds of gambling, you'll find tips for winning at games other than just Texas holdem poker here.
  • Here's a good new site about learning how to play poker. It's new, and not a ton of content yet, but it's off to a good start and seems well-written.
  • Here is a Mac poker for you folks that are running an alternate operating system. There are several ways to play poker online with a Mac, including a room with a downloadable version of their software designed specifically for Macs.

World Series of Poker

Texas Holdem Sites

Poker Software

  • TurningRiver - Poker Odds Calculator - Features downloadable poker odds calculators for multiple online poker games. A great resource from a great guy--highly recommended.
  • Check Your Bets - This is a free site where you can keep track of your results on different poker sites for free.
  • The Edge Poker is also some really cool poker stats software. Worth checking out.

Poker Rooms

  • Play Poker Online at - This is a newly rebranded poker site that's coming on strong and looks like it's going to be very popular indeed.
  • Bodog Online Poker - Another poker room I haven't played at or reviewed yet. There's been a lot of buzz about this poker room over the last year or so. I've heard a lot of people talk about how soft the games are there. I'm not sure if that's still the case or not, but I've never heard anything but positive things about their payouts, software, and customer care.
  • I've got them listed in the cardroom reviews section, but Bugsys Club warrants a listing in this section also.
  • Yahoo Poker is a guide to Yahoo's free poker games and speculation about whether or not they'll launch a real money poker site.

More Gambling

  • I just launched a new site where I will be writing about online casino gambling. The reviews will be like the reviews here - all original, and all based on my unique point of view. (Whatever that might be worth.)
  • The Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada is a useful resource worth checking out if you're interested in other aspects of the gambling experience.
  • Here's an interest site about Betfair and Yahoo Betting. There's nothing much going on with Yahoo's foray into p2p betting, but this site has the scoop and will update when something new does go on there.
  • The Die is Cast is also full of good reading. David G. Schwartz is known as gaming's leading historian, according to Global Gaming Business. He wrote his dissertation on the evolution of gaming and gambling in Las Vegas, and everything on his site, from the book reviews to the quotes are nothing short of fascinating.
  • Internet Craps at Craps Guru - George is truly the guru of craps, and he's also the guru of a couple of other games as well: internet baccarat and internet slots are his other two specialties. These sites are all high quality sites with a lot of great information. Whether you're interested in slots, baccarat, or craps, and you interested in learning how to play on the internet, then you won't go far wrong with any of the Guru's sites.
  • Pineapple Poker - The first time I ever heard of Pineapple Poker was in a little neighborhood bar, where one of the local drunks explained how to play to me. Apparently he used to play poker professionally, or so he claimed. Anyway, I gave a friend of mine the idea to build a site around Pineapple Poker as a niche, and unlike most of the people I suggest ideas to, he acted on it. Nice site too.
  • Tournament Watch is a portal devoted entirely to tournament poker, which poker tournaments are available at which online poker sites, etc etc. I kinda think that poker tournaments are different enough from regular poker to be included in the "other games" section.
  • Let It Ride Poker - A website dedicated entirely to let it ride poker, a game developed and distributed by Shufflemaster, and a game that's VERY popular at casinos worldwide. The site features rules, strateiges, a history of let it ride, and suggested online casinos where you can learn to play the game. The online banking for players is good information too.
  • Stud Poker is a good resource if you like to play five card and seven card stud. Features rules and strategies for both games, which are unfortunately woefully underplayed both online and offline since holdem has become so popular.
  • Free Online Poker Games - Texas Holdem Poker - Omaha - Stud - Tournaments - Play free online poker games just for fun or play for real money at the internet poker websites.
  • Omaha poker is another game that gets short shrift these days because of holdem's popularity. But if you're ready to try something different, you can definitely learn to play omaha here.
  • Another good site can be found here: omaha/8 strategy. This site is owned by the same brilliant webmaster who runs, and it's full of information you can count on. Check out his poker content website too - if you're a webmaster looking for content, he provides excellent content at good rates.
  • Finally, if you're interested in reading some real casino reviews, Casino Nuggets is the place to find them. Real reviews from their editor, but also read reviews and ratings from real players too. AND you can add your own reviews of online casinos.

This page was last updated on January 5, 2006.