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Full Tilt Poker Review


Full Tilt Poker is the online home of the pros, and undoubtedly the top internet room for high stakes action.

They do accept US players, and have a generous welcome bonus. There are downloadable version of the room for both PC users Mac users.

Click Here to Visit Full Tilt Poker

In A Nutshell:

I've been playing almost exclusively at Full Tilt Poker recently because they have great player traffic (read: table selection), likeable software, and they deal a nice variety of games/tournaments.

The room pros and high stakes action add to the fun factor. After a session, I find it interesting to watch top players compete aginst each other.

Bonuses and Promotions

Full Tilt offers a $600 welcome bonus, which puts them on the top teir as far as sign up bonuses go at the online rooms. While they don't offer reload bonuses with the same frequency as Absolute or other rooms, they do offer them.

they have a player rewards system in place as well, where players earn comp points that can be used at the room for tournament buy-ins, or at the Full Tilt Store for merchandise. The store offers a good selection of logowear/merchandise, and a library of strategy books/DVD's as well.


The tournaments at Full Tilt come in a wide variety. There are the usual Sit and Go's, including multi-table SnG's, and freerolls. There is a schedule of mutli-table events that range from guaranteed prize pools of $400,000 to regular cash awards.

Perhaps because of the pros involved at the room, Full Tilt offers mixed games in tournament format. You can enter a HORSE tournament online, or a mixed Holdem game.

They also take pains to send players to land-based tournaments, so if you are interested in qualifying for anything from the Aussie Millions to the WSOP to the Moscow Millions, you'll find a satellite at Full Tilt.

Also, in the same way the Ultimate Bet and PokerStars offer a high stakes eries of poker tournaments regularly, Full Tilt offers what they call the Full Tilt Online Poker Series, or FTOPS. It's a week (or more) long series of higher buy-in poker events, in a variety of games, with guaranteed prize pools for each event.


I really like the Full Tilt software. The first thing you see is are the player-chosen avatars around the tables. You can change the backdrops, and choose from several different sets of card backs, and even use a four color deck.

But that stuff is just the show part of it. The meat and bones of the software is what I find really appealing.

You can resize the tables, so you see everything that's happening on two, three, four, etc. tables at one time. I love that.

The software works well with PokerTracker and the PokerAce HUD, which probably has kept me at the site for so long. There is an instant hand history screen, so at the click of a button I can review who had/did what during the past hand.

The betting buttons include a "bet pot" button, and they work well with the numberPad, so I can manually enter any amounts I want. The player notes include colored buttons, so you can "mark the fish" or any other type of player. As soon as they sit down at the table with you again, you'll see that colored button and know instantly what type of player you have them pegged as being.

There is a downloadable Mac-friendly version of the poker room. And, they are always updating the software, so small improvements are pretty constant.

I've found that I now take advatage of the little touches in the software, and that makes me give high marks to the Full Tilt software.

Player Numbers and Skill

I have to admit that I think the players at Full Tilt are genrally more skilled than most. That certainly makes sense at the higher limits, but I've also found stiffer competition at the low limits as well. I guess it's just an attractive room.

The good thing is that there are a lot of players at Full Tilt, so there are plenty of tables to choose from. You aren't locked into deciding between Table A and Table B, so if you take a moment, you can find a table that will fit your style/lelvel of play.

And, with so many players in the house, there is action at a lot more tha the Texas Hold'em tables.

Overall Grade - A

They do a lot of things right. So many that I have to say that Full Tilt is one of the top poker rooms online. Plain, and simple.