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Cryptologic Poker Network

Cryptologic runs a very clean, well respected operation. The companies that choose to use Cryptologic poker software to run their poker rooms include some of the largest gambling houses in the UK, notably William Hill, the Ritz Club and Little Woods.

Top Rakeback Offer:

When playing at a Cryptologic Poker Room, the house takes a rake from most pots in a cash game. If you sign up to Sun Poker through the links on this page, you can get 30% of the monies that the house takes from you in rake returned to your player account automatically! Every Week!

Get Rakeback by Signing up to Sun Poker through This Banner

New players also get a free entry into the Monthly New Players Freeroll - competing for $10,000 in prize money against an average of 150 players!

Top Cryptologic Rooms:

Room Bonus Notes
InterPoker up to $1,000 Monthly Bonus Play in GBP or US Dollars
Sun Poker $500 New Player Bonus Mac compatible; GBP Cashier

Crytologic rooms do not accept U.S. players.

The hand histories at the various Cryto rooms are compatible with Poker Tracker. And, on the whole, Crypto rooms tend to offer monthly bonuses for all of their players. These two facts combined make the room a good place for more serious players to stop in at least once a month.

Several of the poker rooms on the network are also involved in casino gaming and sportsbetting. That kind of relationship tends to put more traditional "gamblers" in the seats at the table. The people that typically bet sports, or play casino games tend to enjoy the thrill of the gamble. At the poker table they may play looser, and more agressively. So, you are just as likely to sit down with a group of fish while visiting one of the Crytpo pokerrooms.


The poker room offers tables in three different currencies. You can choose to play in US dollars, GB pounds, or Euros. While it is not unheard of to find someone from Minnesota sitting at the GB Pounds tables, you can use the currency of the table try to target a certain type of player.

Also, the Crypto software is one of the few (the only one I know of actually) that remove the betting cap for heads up play at a Limit Table. I really like this feature of the rooms. This is the way I was taught to play limit poker, and I remember consistently hearing the delaer call "heads up" when only two players remained in the hand. This gave the players unlimited raises and reraises for the rest of the hand.

In August of 2007, they added their "pro view" table viewing option that allows players to fit up to 12 tables on their screen without any overlap. This is obviously aimed at the multi-tablers in the crowd, and is a much appreciated addition to their software.

Prop Offers

This is the poker network that has prop play built right into the software. Most, if not all, of the rooms will ask new players if they are interested in propping by opening new tables. If a player is interested and takes advantage of the offer, the poker room will pay them for their time. The offers are only valid for newer players, and after a time, they no longer appear.


The banking for the rooms is done with eCash. At one time they required players to use a PIN number to access their accounts, and that PIN was mailed to you. So there would be a time between when you began play, and when the PIN arrived from the postman, enabling you to cash out. That quirk has been removed from the system,a nd now the banking is as user-friendly as anywhere else on the net.

Cryptologic Poker Rooms

The following rooms are on the Crypto Poker Network;
  • Interpoker - Read my review for more information on Interpoker.
  • Caribbean Sun Poker - I've also reviewed Sun Poker (same thing, shorter name). Read the review for more information and a recap of my experiences there.
  • Classic Poker
  • Ritz Club London
  • Poker Plex
  • Littlewoods Poker
  • William Hill Poker

This page was last updated on May 15th, 2007.