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Setmining 101



This page will be the absolute basics about set mining in cash games. If you know nothing else about playing small and medium pocket pairs in poker, learn the next few highlights. Pocket pairs should be a goldmine. Take a few moments and learn to play them profitably.


Set Mining 101

♠ What is ďset miningĒ?
It happens when a player holds a pocket pair, and calls a bet so they can see the flop with hopes of landing a set. If you limp in or call a raise with 77 hoping to land another 7 on the flop, you . . . are Set Mining.

♠ Why do people setmine?
Sets are wonderfully disguised hands, and can often win big pots. So, it seems natural for players to want to see what the flop will bring when they are holding a pocket pair.

♠ What are the odds of landing a set?
Quick Answer: Roughly 12% which is 1 in 8.5 times. As a ratio that turns into (7.5 : 1) against. Donít be afraid of ratios. You can skip the math part, but remember the ratio.

Math: letís multiply the odds of each card of the flop not being the same rank as your pocket pair (basically, missing). (48/50)*(47/49)*(46/48) = 88.2%. Subtract that from 100% (thatís 100-88.2) and we have an 11.8% chance of flopping a set (or quads).

♠ I Need To Get Paid!
Thatís right. Youíll be seeing a LOT of flops that miss you when youíre looking to setmine. So, when you land a set, you need to recoup all that money you spent calling with hopes of hitting a set.

And, itís not like you are guaranteed a pot when you do land your set. Sometimes a flush, straight, or even a higher set will ruin your hand.

So, how much do you need to win on average to make setmining profitable?

People will debate that, but I would say 12 times the cost of the call will put you in the green.

That means the Absolute Number 1 Step in setmining is to check and see how big the Villanís stack is.

If his stack is not at the very least Ten Times what it would cost me to make a call in hopes of seeing a flop, itís not even possible to get paid off enough to make setmining profitable!

Those are the basics of setmining, but like many things in life, a little knowledge could be a dangerous thing. In Setmining 102 we will look more closely at different situations at the table where we will have the opportunity to setmine.