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Poker Tracker Review



Poker Tracker - this piece of poker software is probably one of the most helpful poker tools ever developed. If you ever honestly wanted to find leaks in your game, this tool is a must.

Poker Tracker Review

Poker Tracker is certainly one of the most popular tools out there for online poker players. It uses a database that holds all of your hand histories, so that you can find out in a moment almost anything you want to know about your play. And that, is valuable.

The first thing you need to do to use this program is to load your hand histories into it. Depending on the poker room, you can have them automatically store your hand histories on your computer. Then you can show Poker Tracker where they are stored, and even set Poker Tracker to retrieve them automatically for you.

Once you have some hand histories loaded into your database, you're ready to start. When you take a look at the main screen, it may look about as user-friendly as the cockpit panel of a commercial airliner. But if you take a moment or two to learn what the buttons do, you'll be able to unlock a wealth of information about your play.

There are "tabs" across the top of the screen that you can click to bring up different information. Here's a recap of what some of the tabs will display.

Sessions Tab

Here you access any session of poker you've played. You can find out:
  • How many sessions you've played
  • What the levels were
  • The number and percentage of winning sessions
  • The amount you've won or lost
  • How many hands you played, and how many hours were spent playing
  • What the win rate is per hour or 100 Big Blinds
It will also give you information on any of the sessions, including the average pot size, the average number of players in a hand, the percentage of players that saw a flop, and the percentage of times you paid to see cards.

What does that help?

If there were a lot of people seeing flops, it was a loose table. If you voluntarily put money into the pot very often, you were playing loose as well. By looking at the table type, and seeing how well you did, you begin to see situations where you do well, or poorly.

If nothing else, the sessions information from Poker Tracker will keep accurate stats on your wins and losses at the poker table. You'll be able to see where the wins came from, and when the losses took place.

Position Stats

Position is an important part of the game. When you have position, things are better than when you don't. Poker Tracker has a tab dedicated to analyzing your results by position.

You can use it to see how much you've won or lost from any particular place at the table, including the button and the blinds.

It will also tell you how often you've put money into the pot voluntarily from any position, how often you cold called from a position, raised when entering the pot, went o and won at the showdown, and even how much your blinds cost.

You can use this kind of information to find out if you've been playing from early positions often. And, if you've been losing from early positions, it may identify a leak in your game.

While that is all very good stuff, it doesn't end there. You can find out which hands you were dealt from any position, and review them individually. How often were you dealt Aces under the Gun?? How much did you win/lose with them?? How did those hands play out??

Poker Tracker can answer all of those questions. With it's built in hand replayer, you can watch exactly what happened during any hand you've played. That, is powerful.

Summary Tab

The summary tab holds the stats for all of the players that you've played against. So, if you're looking for the player that you've seen lose the most money at $1/2 No Limit, check the summary tab. It will be in there.

Depending upon what the summary tab shows, you may decide to put some players on your "search for" list, or perhaps your "avoid these guys" list. Either way, you can see how successful you've been, and everyone else has been.

Besides the money totals, this page will also display the amount of times that a player put money into the pot voluntarily, how often they raised preflop, and how often they won at the showdown.

Other Tabs

There are five other tabs each with its own set of stats that you can browse. Poker Tracker is an insanely powerful stats tool that can help you identify leaks in your game, keep track of wins and losses, invegstigate opponents, and much more.

The software is free for download and use of up to 1,000 hands. If at that point you decide you want to keep tracking more of yourself and your opponents, you can unlock unlimited hands by registering the software for $55.

There are active support forums, and the software is continually updated to take into account any changes that the poker rooms might make to their software and hand history reports.

Overall, I highly recommend using Poker Tracker if you are serious about your game.

This page last updated April 23rd, 2007.