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How to Data Mine (Datamine) Online Poker Rooms

First off, what is dataming? Well, it's essentially gathering data about potential opponents by observing their play at the poker tables. The simplest way to find out what a player does at the tables is to watch them play (while at the tables with them, or as a railbird). That is also the least effective.

Instead, online poker players can use tools to gather hand history information on their opponents. At many rooms you can collect hand histories and analyze them even when you're not at the tables. In fact, you can be at work, or even sleeping, and gathering data about online poker players.

♠ PokerTracker Datamining Method

One way to do this is to use PokerTracker (Read our PokerTracker Review).

  • Open your Poker Tracker software, and a Poker Room that allows datamining.
  • Open as many tables as the poker room will allow at the limits where you usually play.
  • Start importing the hands into your Poker Tracker.
After that you can go do what you'd like. The hands are being recorded, and the playing tendencies of the players will eventually be revealed.

♠ Data Mining Services

Hand HQ - is a data mining service that offers Hand Histories for sale for all of the major poker networks. That includes: OnGame, Absolute, iPoker, PokerStars, FullTilt & PartyPoker.

Since PokerStars has decided to no longer allow passive datamining (setting your machine to watch the tables while you watch the football game, for example), having a large amount of hand histories from Stars is a pretty valuable tool. It definitely offers an advantage over most of the other players at the tables.

You can buy hands in bulk, and by that I mean from 200,000 hands to several million. And if you ask me, they're very reasonably priced.

Poker Edge - is a subscription-based service that gives you access to the hands of over 1,000,000 poker players. They track the hands at all of the major rooms (see their site for a full list).

For $10 a month you can get info on the low limits (up to $3/6 limit and $.50NL), for $20 you get all stakes and tournaments.

The program itself has a HUD that works with the poker room software. You can access player data in that way. You do not actually get the hand histories themselves to insert into a program like PokerTracker.

SharkScope offers dataming of tournaments, so you can see if your opponent is a long-term winner/loser. You can see their gross earnings, the number of tournaments they've played, etc. The site gives every visitor 5 free searches per day.

♠ Stand-alone Datamining Software

Idle Miner is a stand-alone program that you run on your machine. There are versions designed for Party Poker, Full Tilt, and Absolute Poker.

Another program is Spade Eye. It serves as a table-selection tool, as well as being able to datamine for particular sites (Party and FullTilt).

Is Dataming at Poker Rooms legal?
That's a good question. If you ask PokerStars, it's NOT. In fact, I think if you asked any poker room manager if they approved, I doubt they would say yes. But, I think they're all aware that people do it and few are taking a stance on the issue.

That being said, check with your poker room before you begin datamining.