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Unknown Poker - Guide to Online Poker Rooms


Here at Unknown Poker you will find poker room reviews written by an actual online poker player. I've spent countless hours playing at online card tables, dealing with the different softwares and bonus rules, all while trying to find a sizeable school of fish.

Now, I'm putting those experiences to use.

By bookmarking this site you can keep up to date with different events in the world of online poker, including bonus offers, tournament announcements, and more.

Enjoy your stay, and Good Luck at the tables . . .

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Recommended Online Poker Rooms

Room Bonus Notes
Poker Stars Check Site for Bonus BEST Poker Room Online!
Bodog 110% - $500 Bonus * Softer Competition
Titan Poker 200% up to $1,000 Sit and Go HEAT
Party Poker $500 Welcome Bonus One of the Original rooms
888Poker 100% up to $400 Softer Games




Starting from Zero - Bankroll Management Advice

Chris Ferguson is the type of person who likes to challenge himself. Despite being a World Series of Poker Champion and respected High Stakes player, he once took $1 and turned it into $20,000 using his skills, and solid bankroll management.

Now he's completed a second challenge, taking $0 and turning that into over $20,000. His challenge was for $10,000, but he just kept going.

Bankroll Management is an important skill for any poker player, and especially so for no limit cash game players. For insights on how Chris managed his bankroll during his challenges, and general guidelilnes for moving up or down in stakes read through our article on bankroll management tips.


Article Series


What's in a Bet? - Part II

Before being a card game, poker can be presented as a betting game. In every form of poker, players make bets. And there are a lot of bets that can be made: Calls, Raises, Re-raises, Value bets, Blocker Bets, Semi-Bluffs, etc.

The second article in the series addresses the point at which betting escalation often occurs, the first preflop raise.


Poker Rooms


The Advantages of Smaller Online Card Rooms

While many players naturally flock to the bigger online poker rooms, Unknown Poker was originally founded on the premise that smaller poker rooms offer a different type of play, and several advantages over the larger rooms . . .

Many people play poker for social reasons. (That is a fundamental reason for having games, in fact, and online poker is no exception.) When you play at PokerStars, the community of players is so large that you will seldom play with the same person twice. But at a poker room like Bugsy's Club, there are so few games going on, and so few players playing, that you'll begin to get to know your poker-playing buddies fairly quickly, because you'll run into them again and again. If you play poker for social reasons and want to make some friends online, then a smaller poker room is definitely the way to go.

Another advantage to fewer players--it's easier to gather data on how they play. Using Poker Tracker and other tools, you can easily track the play of your opponents at Party Poker, but since you're probably only playing with your opponents occasionally, you won't be able to gather a ton of data. But at Noble Poker, where you're playing the same players over and over again, you should easily be able to gather a ton of information about your opponents' play very quickly.

Most poker portals also claim that there are more "fish" and softer games in the larger poker rooms. I would suggest that having a lot of fish in the water also means there are going to be more sharks circling. Many smaller poker sites are branches of online casinos or online sportsbooks, and the players at the card tables decided to just try poker on a lark. They might be casino gamblers looking for a change of pace, or they might be sports bettors who've had a few drinks and thought they'd give the poker room a try. (Because let's face it--how hard can it be? They've been watching it on tv now for 3 or 4 years.) These inexperienced players can be a gold mine when they turn up at your table, and they will turn up at your table fairly often in the smaller internet poker rooms.


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